5th to 7th October at Market Hall

Our exclusive discovery programme of experiments in spatial sound occupy an infinite space of orchestrated sound mixes located aside a spectrum of visual art. 


Welcome to enhanced, meaningful listening with wellness potential.


We will offer full dome experiences as well as cinematic and binaural understanding of spatial.

This RnD programme of experiments with sound and vision is intended as a safe space for new conversations and fresh thoughts that will lead to some future activities. 

CINETRONICA  - the events section of Spatial Sound


5th to 6th October 2021 at the Market Hall Full Dome  9.30am to 5pm





In partnership with Dr Julia Jones, HotHouse Music test an unique music project to gather data that will assist her smart wellness programme.


A breathing ratio of a 4 second inhale and a 6 second exhale is understood to train and improve the activity of the vagus nerve. This is a cranial nerve which controls ‘parasympathetic wiring’ namely - the organs that control rest, digest, repair activity. The term vagal tone refers to how well the vagus nerve functions. This is a technique that can be repeated for as little or as long as the user requires. 


“The Most effective way to improve heart rate variability, and the associated benefits to blood pressure and emotional mood responses, is by regularly using resonance frequency breathing.


...Breathing at the most precise rate is the most effective in terms of training and improving the vagal tone and stress response. It particularly aligns with the baroreflex element of the parasympathetic response, modulating pressure in the blood vessels.

‘NEURON Smart Wellness Made Easy’ by Julia jones PHD


At Spatial Sound 2021, HotHouse invite the public to be part of a life-changing data gathering exercise in the full dome at The Market Hall, Plymouth. Visitors will be invited to pop their finger in a monitor before and after so we can get a snapshot of their heart rate variability.   


Test sonics supplied by Tawiah to a simple visual prototype flower created by the Award-winning VR creator Alex Ruhl (director of Cats Are Not Peas) for HotHouse Music.

Tawiah has written, performed and toured with Mark Ronson, Blood Orange, Kindness, Cinematic Orchestra, Moses Sumney, Cee-Lo, Kano and Ghostpoet. Tawiah released her debut album 'Starts Again' in Autumn 2019. An instant classic, the album gained critical acclaim across the board, cementing Tawiah as one of the most talented performers that the UK has to offer. Following the LP's release, Tawiah secured 2022 support tours with Michael Kiwanuka.

The sonics have been produced spatially by Tom Slater who works with 3D audio systems, light and physical computing to build immersive audiovisual environments. Tom’s creative practice revolves around how sound and image producing technologies affect our understanding of terms like virtuality and disembodiment. 




7th October 2021 at the Market Hall Full Dome

5.30pm seating for 6pm performance

Conference ‘in real life’ attendees only

[25 minutes]


As part of ongoing research and development by HotHouse into the sonic potential of full dome, conference attendees will be treated to a gala event.


Tawiah will be performing exclusive new work produced for the Plymouth venue's 19.1 Yamaha set up. Spatial mix produced by Tom Slater (Call & Response).